Hillary Clinton in Cleveland, screenshot via YouTube

One day after announcing opposition to Keystone Pipeline, Clinton releases fossil-focused energy plan

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The one-sentence version of Clinton’s energy plan is: “Let’s do fossil fuels…but better.”
American Natural Gas Alliance wants you to know that methane is "clean" energy

Did the “Clean Natural Gas” (methane) lobby help write EPA “Clean Power Plan”?

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Obama and the EPA “Clean Power Plan” ignores emissions from “America’s Clean Natural Gas.” Do you wonder why?
Money man via Shutterstock

Former Comcast & Verizon attorneys manage the FCC, are about to kill the Internet

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Why did Obama put telecoms in charge of the Internet. Why won’t FCC regulate the Internet as a utility? Same answe
Goldman Sachs logo

Shareholder proposes Goldman Sachs run for office as a person

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Goldman’s shareholder was sick and tired of the company’s shadowy role in spending millions lobbying Washington.
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