Swaying Cheney (or “Lying makes Liz woozy”)

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In her video pushing a re-invasion of Iraq, Liz Cheney, standing beside daddy, looks like she’s about to pass out.

Mary Cheney grows a pair on gay marriage – or not

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Mary Cheney gave anti-gay Romney $2500. Backbones don’t suddenly develop at 45, when they were non-existent at 44.
Mary (l) and Liz (r) Cheney.

Mary Cheney publicly slaps down sister Liz over anti-gay views

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Mary Cheney and her wife Heather blast anti-gay sister Liz on Facebook over Liz’s opposition to gay marriage.

Russia’s zombie pigeons, and more: An open thread

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Ironic lightning, zombie pigeons, NM marriage equality, politicians behaving badly, and Hatch chile advice.
Liz, I am your father.

WY voters overwhelmingly want Liz Cheney as Senator… from Virginia

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By 50 to 28, Wyoming voters would prefer that Liz “Anti-Leah” Cheney run for the US Senate from Virginia.
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