Excited lion jumps into arms of man who raised her (video)

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A wonderful video of German conservationist Valentin Gruener greeting Sirga the lioness, who he raised from birth.

Lion Whisperer in South Africa literally frolics with lions (video)

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A one-man game reserve in South Africa has quite literally become one with a huge pride of lions.

Herd of buffalo rescue their baby from 5 lions, 2 crocs (video)

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The video from Kruger National Park in South Africa is amazing.

300 lb. lion walks up, sniffs terrified cameraman’s crotch in Botswana (video)

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Earth Touch cameraman Graham Springer was in Okavango Delta, Botswana photographing a pride of lions.

Woman kisses lions. Lives. (video)

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Video, photos from a non-profit in South Africa called Cheetah Experience. Includes some adorable baby cheetahs.
Labradoodle Charles The Monarch

Norfolk residents confuse dog for lion, call 911

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A labradoodle with a lion’s haircut scared locals into thinking a lion was on the loose.
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