Lindsey Graham, screenshot via YouTube

Lindsey Graham says he can’t remember why he voted against Hurricane Sandy relief

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Unfortunately for him, the rest of us do.
Donald Trump, screenshot via YouTube

Conservatives have finally found something about Trump to hate: his religion

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Conservatives like a man who has more money than God, as long as that man doesn’t admit that he doesn’t need God.

Here are the GOP contenders who refuse to say that Obama loves America

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Last Wednesday, at a Manhattan fundraiser for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, former New York mayor Rudy Guiliani told a gathering of professional rich people that he doesn’t ...

Lindsey Graham is thinking of running for president

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This should prove interesting, as Graham has been dogged for years about speculation as to whether he’s gay.

Jon Stewart on just how “completely f’g wrong” GOP was about Iraq (video)

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Stewart saves his biggest criticism for John McCain, while Miss Lindsey makes an appearance as well.

Putin invaded Ukraine because (wait for it) Benghazi!

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The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Lindsey Graham celebrates Duck Dynasty’s flag desecration before State of the Union

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GOP Sen. Graham and Cong. Massie join Duck Dynasty star who’s desecrating the American flag in pre-SOTU photo opp.
Faux Benghazi whistleblower Dylan Davies appearing on 60 Minutes.

CBS apologizes for airing fake Benghazi eyewitness: “We Were Wrong. We Made A Mistake”

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Alleged Benghazi “survivor” told FBI he wasn’t there, GOP’s Graham put hold on nominees over false allegations.

GOP’s Lindsey Graham promises partial govt. shutdown over Benghazi

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Benghazi is Graham’s “electoral beard” to convince Tea Partyers in next year’s primary that he’s one of them.
Lindsay Graham chick-fil-a

You thought kids losing cancer drugs was bad. The shutdown is forcing House members to reuse gym towels.

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No word on whether “non-essential” cancer patients at NIH are expected to re-use their cancer drugs.

Lindsey Graham’s challenger suggests that he’s a gay

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Nancy Mace says Lindsey is a homersexual.

Graham says immigration bill must pass for GOP to survive, weeks after threatening to kill it

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Graham threatened to kill the bill if it included gay couples, but now says it must pass for GOP to survive.

Lindsey Graham tweets weird joke about McCain being assassinated in Syria

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“Best wishes to @SenJohnMcCain in Syria today. If he doesn’t make it back calling dibs on his office.”
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