Trump: Putin's been a very strong leader for Russia

Donald Trump’s foreign policy flip flops in one short video

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Morning Joe on MSNBC did a great cataloguing a number of Donald Trump’s major flip-flops on foreign policy.
Hillary Clinton, via Brett Weinstein / Flickr

Hillary Clinton has foreign policy experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s good

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Hillary Clinton has tons of foreign policy experience, but that experience was largely disastrous.
Actual scene from "Innocence of Muslims."

Benghazi ringleader: Anti-Muslim video inspired attack

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Abu Khattala, contradicting congressional Republicans, says an anti-Muslim video inspired the Benghazi attack.
Lead Benghazi cheerleader Lindsey Graham is focusedĀ on getting the bottom.

GOP House Armed Services Chair exonerates Obama, Hillary over Benghazi

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House Armed Services Chair Buck McKeon says the US military did all it could in responding to the Benghazi attack.
White phosphorus over Gaza

Reflections on capitalism: Who are the Unpeople of the world?

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To whites, the poor and darker skinned are Unpeople. To the major capitalists, the circle is a whole lot larger.
Actual scene from "Innocence of Muslims."

NYT blockbuster: Anti-Islam video had role in Benghazi attack, Al Qaeda didn’t

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The GOP has lost Utah and Benghazi all in one week. At least they still have Duck Dynasty.
Dylan Davies, who told "60 Minutes," and wrote in his book, that he was at the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya during the attack. He reportedly told the FBI he was not.


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Dylan Davies’ “first-hand account” of Benghazi attack pulled after author contradicts own book to FBI.

Dick Cheney: Benghazi on a par with 9/11

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If Dick Cheney is peeing his pants over what happened in Benhazi, maybe he’s the one with the problem.
Drug testing via Shutterstock

On Benghazi, it’s time for Republicans to pee in a cup

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The GOP is so dead set on playing games with Benghazi, then let’s play, and beat them at their own game.

GOP House fundraising off of Benghazi murders

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How fortunate for GOP House members that four Americans gave their lives to help GOP political campaigns.

Stephen Colbert on Fox News’ obsession with Benghazi

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Fox to uncover how the administration blew Benghazi, when they blew it, and how they’ll continue to blow it.

Jon Stewart on the Great Benghazi Cover-Up (video)

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During Bush administration there were 54 attacks on diplomatic targets, 13 Americans killed, only 3 hearings.
Sadik Gulec /

We should have made US troops in Iraq consular employees in Benghazi

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Maybe then Republicans would have given a damn about four and a half thousand American dead in Iraq.
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