Alison Bechdel, via Chase Elliott Clark / Flickr

Duke freshmen who refuse to read Fun Home seem genuinely confused about what porn is

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Fun Home’s depictions of female sexuality aren’t meant to give you a hard-on. They’re meant to tell a story.
NOM co-founder Brian Brown, via Wikimedia Commons

National Organization for Marriage only musters four signatures for marriage equality repeal pledge

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NOM is dying a slow, painful death. Being ignored by the Republican field is but the latest nail in their coffin.
Casey Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Different Kentucky clerk named Davis claims its his job to tell gays they’re going to Hell

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County clerk is an elected office in Kentucky.
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, via Wikimedia Commons

Illinois becomes 4th state (plus DC) to ban ex-gay conversion therapy for minors

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A big win for Illinois, with similar legislation working its way through more states.
Reine Priebus, via DonkeyHotey / Flickr

RNC endorses “Indiana on steroids” religious freedom bill

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The laboratories of democracy have concluded that “right to discriminate” bills are political losers.
Anti-homophobia protest in Uganda, via

Bush advisor Vin Weber goes on retainer to lobby for anti-gay Ugandan government

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Western countries have previously threatened to cut aid from Uganda over is anti-gay policies.
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Kim Davis court ordered to issue marriage licenses, refuses, continues digging legal hole

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When you’re in a holy legal hole, sometimes the Lord commandeth you keep digging.
Chelsea Manning, via Wikimedia Commons

Chelsea Manning could face indefinite solitary confinement for possession of books and toothpaste

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Solitary confinement is torture. Torturing someone for books and toothpaste is beyond cruel and unusual.
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Rowan County, KY Clerk Kim Davis sues governor over right to refuse marriage licenses to same-sex couples

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It takes a special kind of chutzpah to sue your employer for asking you to do your job.
Beyonce, via Wikimedia Commons

#BeyBeAHERO: How Beyonce could help ensure LGBT equality in Houston

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The cultural icon and Houston native could, with a single Tweet, save the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance.
Jerusalem Pride, via Wikimedia Commons

Repeat offender suspected in ultra-Orthodox stabbing at Jerusalem pride parade

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The suspect was released from prison three weeks ago after serving ten years for a nearly identical attack.
Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, screenshot via YouTube

Colorado GOP walks back State Rep. Klingenschmitt’s hate speech on Boy Scouts, not on trans military service

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If calling gay men pedophiles is worthy of condemnation, why isn’t calling trans people pedophiles?

The Emperor of St. Louis has a few stories to tell

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In a newly-released memoir, AMERICAblog contributor Chris Andoe recounts tales of debauchery and intrigue.
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