Eleanor Roosevelt. Photo by Underwood & Underwood, via the Library of Congress.

Did Ken Burns “in” Eleanor Roosevelt?

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Are we still at the point where we can’t publicly discuss the question of whether Mrs. Roosevelt was gay?

90 y.o. gay newlyweds on falling in love 72 years ago (video)

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BBC cuts Asian broadcast of lesbian “Dr. Who” kiss between human and lizard

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The inter-species same-sex kiss was censored in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Billie Jean King’s amazing appearance on Colbert to talk Sochi

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COLBERT: Isn’t your mere existence propaganda for homosexuality because you make it look so good? KING: I hope so!
Rainbow 2014 via Shutterstock

A mom weighs in on the future of gay rights in the new year

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“As the mother of a lesbian, living in a liberal community, sometimes I forget the struggle is far from over.”

Mary Cheney grows a pair on gay marriage – or not

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Mary Cheney gave anti-gay Romney $2500. Backbones don’t suddenly develop at 45, when they were non-existent at 44.
Marx, Engels and Trotsky, in better days. (dnaveh / Shutterstock.com)

Girl Scout cookies turn girls into commie, man-hating, abortion-loving lesbians

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The religious right says the Girl Scouts teaches girls to “compete with men,” and we can’t have that.

When Jeanne proposed to Allisa (tearjerker video)

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The funny thing is that the night before Alissa told Jeanne she wasn’t romantic enough!
Protesters outside the Supreme Court, and across from the US Congress, for the oral arguments on the gay rights cases involving DOMA and Proposition 8 in March, 2013. © John Aravosis 2013

PA county conducts gay marriage, says state ban invalid post-DOMA

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County officials say the Supreme Court striking down DOMA gives them the authority to conduct gay marriages.

Lesbians have earned the right to debase themselves in the Miss America pageant

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Openly-gay Analouisa Valencia is competing for the title of Miss South Carolina on the road to Miss America.
lesbian-couple illinois

One of the most touching gay marriage ads, ever (video)

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It’s rare that sing the praises about any pro-gay ad, but this one from Illinois is just wonderful.

Harry Reid’s lesbian niece

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There’s a reason (well, many) that gay people come out. It’s a proven way to change attitudes and dispel myths.

Lesbian MMA fighter Liz Carmouche to take on Sandy Hook “truther” in 1st women’s UFC title fight?

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Liz’s die-hard fans, many of whom (but certainly not all) are lesbian, calls themselves “Lizbos.”
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