Like America's lead anti-gay bigots, their Ugandan counterparts won't win anyone awards for oozing heterosexuality.

Report: Ugandan president blocks jail-gays-for-life bill

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The legislation would make “aggravated homosexuality” a crime punishable by life imprisonment.
GOP House Speaker John Boehner.

When the South starts giving up on gay marriage, it’s time for the GOP to at least give in on ENDA

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ENDA, banning job discrimination against gays, passed a key hurdle in the US Senate last night.

Russia advances bill to take kids away from gay parents

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Russian lawmakers using debunked American study to justify removing children from up to 3 million gay parents.
Equal marriage supporters at a Stonewall rally outside the House of Lords as peers gave the Bill Third Reading on 15 July. (Photo credit: SIMON CALLAGHAN.)

England legalizes gay marriage

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Though, oddly, the law bans the Church of England from conducting such weddings, ever.

Rep. Holt to introduce bill to repeal Patriot Act & 2008 FISA Act

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Holt: “Our nation is grappling with a false choice being presented to us by the media & intelligence officials.”
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Nancy Pelosi is wrong about ENDA

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Our past- and future- speaker suggested that gay jobs-bill ENDA was killed by DADT. That’s not what happened.

Human Rights Watch blasts Olympics over worsening plight of Russian gays

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The “social cleansing” of gays is a growing problem in Russia, as police routinely look the other way.
Russian police attack gay protesters outside the State Duma today. (Video by Dmitry Zykov)

Russia on verge of banning pro-gay speech; jailing gay (and pro-gay) tourists, businesspeople

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In a throwback to its Soviet past, the new authoritarian Russia is no longer safe for anyone.
Elizabeth Warren

Eliz. Warren wants to cut student interest rates to near zero

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Eliz. Warren: “Unlike the big banks, students don’t have armies of lobbyists and lawyers.”

How the NRA made it harder to investigate the Boston Marathon bombing

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The NRA has blocked federal efforts to tag explosives. Then let’s have a background checks instead.
NJ Gov. Chris Christie. L.E.MORMILE /

Christie: You can’t cure gays, but I’ll let doctors try

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No amount of spinelessness & flip-floppery compares to a moderate Republican aspiring to the presidency.
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Mississippi defends its right to be fattest state

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Obese of Mississippi unite! You have nothing to lose but your lives.
Mike Leara

Missouri GOP wants to make it a felony to propose gun control laws

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The best way to insure that Hitler doesn’t take over America is to start jailing your political opponents.
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