Alaska TV reporter quits job on-air over pot legalization (video)

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“F*ck it, I quit.”
Medical marijuana via Shutterstock.

A new method to smoke medical marijuana is on the horizon

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There’s a new method on the horizon for smoking medical marijuana that will assist dosage, purity, and safety.

Colbert on the beginning of recreational pot sales in Colorado

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“You keep smoking weed, you keep laughing with your friends, you’ll never grow up to be David Brooks.”

Stephen Colbert on pot laws (video)

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Colbert weighs in on how marijuana legalization laws are going in Washington state and Colorado.

Stephen Colbert on marijuana legalization (video)

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CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta changes his mind in favor of marijuana legalization, and Stephen Colbert is there.

NY Gov. Cuomo again calls for marijuana legalization

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NY state official on marijuana legalization: “The criminalization of our young people must end.”
marijuana money

A rush of “green business” to follow recent marijuana legalization?

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Entirely new business opportunity are emerging from the smoke of marijuana legalization in CO and WA state.
Can of marijuana

Smugglers using cannons to shoot marijuana over US border

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Brings news meaning to the phrase “getting high.”
Jimmy Carter on CNN

Jimmy Carter: Legalize marijuana

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Rather than clamp down on marijuana, how about the DOJ go after the real harmful dopes on Wall Street?

Marijuana now legal in WA, CO next – will the feds clamp down?

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White House and Justice Department considering legal action against the two states.
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