Nestle, via Creative Commons

California activists are suing the Forest Service for letting Nestle illegally extract water

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Nestle’s permit to extract water in California expired in 1988.
The Bible, via

Nevada school voucher program set to funnel public funds to schools that pledge allegiance to Christian flag

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The Nevada State Constitution unequivocally prohibits public funding of religious education.
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Rowan County, KY Clerk Kim Davis sues governor over right to refuse marriage licenses to same-sex couples

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It takes a special kind of chutzpah to sue your employer for asking you to do your job.
Rainbow Texas, via Wikimedia Commons

Texas couple sues county clerk for refusing to issue marriage license

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They’re going to get married eventually. The only question is how inconvenient Texas wants to make it.
Freedmen at a voter registration office, via Shutterstock

Lawsuit likely on the way over North Carolina voter registration irregularities

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Numbers don’t lie: North Carolina has made it harder for poor people to vote.

Jesus Christ Superstore: Jon Stewart on the Hobby Lobby is a “person of faith” lawsuit

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Hobby Lobby wants to be exempted from the Affordable Care Act’s mandate to cover employees’ contraception.

Should the NYC 9/11 Museum include an i-beam “cross”?

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A pair of steel i-beams, in the shape of a cross, were found at Ground Zero on 9/11. Should they be in the museum?

Are you breaking the law when you sing “Happy Birthday”?

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Warner Music owns the copyright to the “Happy Birthday” song, and expects restaurants to pay royalties.

TX cops search women’s vaginas for speeding, throwing cigs out window (video)

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Women were detained 1 hour while female cop stuck her hand up rectum, in vagina, in middle of the road.

Bank of America rewarded staff for pushing people into foreclosure

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Bank of America faces a class-action suit from homeowners for allegedly forcing people into foreclosure.

Obama drops appeal of “morning after pill” suit. Plan B should be over-the-counter soon.

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Big news broke last night.
MC's parents, Mark and Pam Crawford.

State of SC sued for deciding gender of, operating on, intersex baby

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Who gets to decide if your son is your daughter?
Donald Trump Bill Maher

Bill Maher on Donald Trump’s $5m lawsuit against him (funny video)

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Trump is upset Maher said he’d give $5m for proof Trump isn’t the son of an orangutan. Bill Maher is an “ape-r.”
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