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Meet the activists who would co-op(t) the tech industry

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As tech becomes increasingly powerful, workers are looking to take on — and ownership of — the platforms.

Workers in Buenos Aires know how to protest

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A cooperative of cartoneros turned a busy street in downtown Buenos Aires into a literal garbage fire yesterday.
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Scott Walker throws Hail Mary, calls for banning public sector unions and abolishing NLRB

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It’s a desperate strategy, but given his standing in the polls, it might be all he has left.
Northwestern football, via Wikimedia Commons

NLRB blocks Northwestern football’s unionization attempt in ruling that makes no sense

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The ruling leaves doors open for future unionization attempts, using circular logic to uphold the status quo.
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Major setback for intern rights as appeals court vacates 2013 “Black Swan” ruling

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The court threw out the Department of Labor’s six-rule test in favor of the “primary beneficiary” approach.
Map of TPP countries

Why Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren are fighting: The strange world of trade, the TPP and TPA

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Breaking down the debate that’s currently dividing the Democratic Party.
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Scott Walker and the return of the physiocrats

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Scott Walker’s policy agenda is based on junk philosophy from the 18th Century.

Obama to twist Dem, progressive arms in “fiscal-cliff bargain” meetings this week

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Obama will meet all week with Dem and progressive leaders to sell his plan to cut Social Security and Medicare.
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Spreading Wal-Mart strikes have huge potential for workers nationwide

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Wal-Mart represents 2.3% of the US GDP, and has massive power in our political and economic space.
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Dan Malloy just isn’t that into Michelle Rhee

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Anti-union activist Michelle Rhee’s Wash Post op-ed claims support from a Dem. Governor who has distanced himself from her.
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