BBC cuts Asian broadcast of lesbian “Dr. Who” kiss between human and lizard

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The inter-species same-sex kiss was censored in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Anderson Cooper destroys Amy Kushnir (Dallas TV lady who doesn’t like gays kissing on TV)

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“It’s okay, she was kissing strippers. It’s not like two guys who are in love or anything — that’s offensive.”

Dallas morning-show host storms off set over Michael Sam gay kiss

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“I don’t call it a moment of celebration… it’s being pushed in faces… I don’t want to see cake in your face.”
France's first married gay couple.

Russian gold medalist “insulted” by suggestion of same-sex protest kiss

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Now there’s a surprise. Rather than being a hero, Russian runner Ksenia Ryzhova is just another bigot.
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Russian female athletes kiss on winner’s podium

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Though no one seems quite sure if it was a political protest, or just a friend congrats.

Two kickboxers, eye-to-eye, when suddenly… (video)

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Wait for it…

Denver Gay Pride: Amid the storm and chaos there was a single kiss

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Adorable video someone shot of a storm hitting Denver Pride, and 2 guys who were oblivious to the foul weather.

The gay kiss as political weapon

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It amazing how powerful the image of a simple kiss has been in the fight for gay civil rights. A retrospective.
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