Nigerian “Taliban” kidnap 300 schoolgirls, threaten to sell them

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Nigeria’s first lady called the kidnappings a hoax and ordered the arrest of those protesting the abductions.

UN special envoy nearly kidnapped in Crimea by pro-Russian forces, forced to flee country

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UN special rep. Robert Serry is cornered in a coffee shop by pro-Russian forces. Reporters live-tweeting scene.

Bored with terrorizing gays, Russian neo-Nazis now targeting blacks

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The human rights situation in Russia continues to deteriorate while the Russian government does nothing.

Young gay teen, tortured by Russian vigilantes, may be dead (video)

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Russian authorities refer to the group Occupy Pedophilia as a “civil movement fighting the sins of the society.”

Amanda Berry’s hero Charles Ramsey jailed for domestic violence, twice

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Charles Ramsey had three convictions for domestic violence, and went to jail for it twice.

So how about this Amanda Berry kidnap & rescue story?

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I was visiting my family in Chicago and only vaguely heard about this Amanda Berry story last night. Wow.
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