Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Watch this Kentucky county clerk illegally deny same-sex couple a marriage license

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Massive resistance on a county-by-county scale.
GOP Senate candidate in Oregon, Monica Wehby.

Politics is plagiarism

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We shouldn’t be shocked when campaigns plagiarize. It’s all politicians ever do nowadays.
Image courtesy of Fox19.

Bank Teller fired for being too Christian with the customers

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Teller would wish customers a “blessed day,” then allegedly asked them if they found Jesus.
Closet-gay-ally Mitch McConnell.

MConnell/Bush-judge strikes down gay marriage ban in Kentucky

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Judge Heyburn: “In America, even sincere and long-hold religious beliefs do not trump constitutional rights.”

Stephen Colbert on the gay mayor of small-town Vicco, Kentucky

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Colbert looks at how Cummings got his small town to pass a civil rights ordinance covering gays.
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