President Obama and John Boehner schmoozing, via Wikimedia Commons

John Boehner’s going to force Obama to negotiate on the debt limit one more time

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Boehner wants to preserve safety net cuts in exchange for pushing a number of deadlines past the 2016 election.
Paul Ryan, via Mel Brown /

Paul Ryan isn’t conservative enough to be Speaker

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It’s going to be nearly impossible to find a Republican who can secure 218 Republican votes to become Speaker.
Daniel Webster, via Wikimedia Commons

House Wingnut Caucus endorses the other wingnut for Speaker, likely preventing majority

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Kevin McCarthy fumbled the Benghazi Committee. He may have also fumbled his speakership.
John Boehner, via Wikimedia Commons

House Republicans have created their own ideological spectrum

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The most conservative Republican under Reagan would be a RINO in today’s GOP.
John Boehner, via Wikimedia Commons

Boehner quits

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The move makes a government shutdown less likely, as he no longer has to worry about a revolt in his caucus.
Denali, via Wikimedia Commons

Obama administration reverts Mount McKinley to original name, Ohio Republicans freak out

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Combining the pettiness of Ohio state pride with the pettiness of Republican hatred of Obama.
Ronald Reagan, via Wikimedia Commons

POLITICO accidentally points out how insanely conservative the GOP is

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On Tuesday, the House passed a clean Department of Homeland Security funding bill, avoiding a looming departmental shutdown while leaving President Obama’s executive actions ...
John Boehner

Boehner rents apartment from tanning bed lobbyist

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Boehner has denied for years that he’s a fan of fake-and-bake tans.
Russian vigilante groups have organized around the country to kidnap young gay people and terrorize them.

Boehner hosts meeting praising Russia`s crackdown on gays

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Boehner’s office held a meeting today to learn from Russia’s and Uganda’s exemplary example in dealing with gays.

ENDA passes US Senate: 64-32; Boehner opposes passage in House

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10 Republicans joined all Democrats present in voting for the bill banning anti-gay job discrimination.
GOP House Speaker John Boehner.

When the South starts giving up on gay marriage, it’s time for the GOP to at least give in on ENDA

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ENDA, banning job discrimination against gays, passed a key hurdle in the US Senate last night.

Three must-read articles about the shutdown and impending debt default

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The default has already begun, the racism unleashed by the GOP, and John Boehner’s Tea Party problem.
US Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) confirming that the Republicans changed the House rules on Oct 1, 2013 in order to ensure the federal government would be shut down.

GOP jerry-rigged House rules on Oct. 1 to ensure govt stays shut down (video)

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Boehner orchestrated the arcane rule change to ensure that the government would be shut down & stay shut down.
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