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Mitt Romney’s top strategist has some bad advice for Hillary Clinton

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Why didn’t the Daily Beast disclose his former affiliation?
Joe Biden, via Wikimedia Commons

Is Joe Biden going to run for president? Probably.

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One of President Obama’s top bundlers in 2012 claims that major donors are more excited about Biden than Clinton.

Jimmy Kimmel asks pedestrians “Who is Joe Biden?”

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“A terrorist? Is he a movie star?”
Hillary texting for climate advice. Can we have a text too please?

Hillary has biggest lead of any front-runner in the history of polling

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Hillary Clinton has a whopping 61-point lead over Joe Biden for the presidential race in 2016.
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The Iraq War: Who voted for it, why you should still care (hint: Iran)

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Why do we care about the Iraq War? Because of the coming Iran War.

A wonderful animation of Obama, Michelle, Hillary and Biden

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Mesmerizingly fun.

Biden: Transgender discrimination is the “civil rights issue of our time”

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Once more Joe Biden champions LGBT issues & causes. “A lot of my friends are being killed,” a mother tells him.
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