ENDA, via HRC.

ENDA, we hardly knew ya

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Why the pro-gay Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and executive order, appear dead in the water — again.

GOP’s latest Obamacare lie is a real doozie

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Republicans, and NBC’s Chuck Todd, claim a new CBO report “proves” Obamacare will kill 2m jobs. Except it doesn’t.

Colbert on ENDA: “Make[s] it illegal to discriminate against lesbians, gays, batman and tartar sauce”

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Humorist Stephen Colbert weighs in on the US Senate’s recent passage of a major gay rights employment bill.
Job recovery by recession since WW II. Our non-recovery is the heavy red line.

The country needs jobs, not a bipartisan austerity diet

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The S&P is at record highs, but the jobs market stinks & Congress wants to cut spending, again. Help stop them.
Civilian employment, 1948 thru September 2013

(Updated) Bad jobs report: We’re losing workers

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Unemployment is only down because people are leaving the workforce.
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Scary jobs report

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Slowing average job growth is causing some concern, and that’s before the GOP shut down the government.
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Jobs report “steady but uninspiring”

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The jobs numbers continue to be decent but not exciting, though it’s more growth than during the Bush years.
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World unemployment to set new record this year

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“World unemployment could top record levels this year and continue rising until 2017.”
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Banks finally are being squeezed by their own investors

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Tired of low returns, shareholders want their pound of flesh from Wall Street, and some are getting it.
Let Detroit go Bankrupt

Chrysler investing and adding more jobs in Michigan

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So basically, Mitt Romney lied. Fortunately, this may be the last time we have to write that.
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Embattled Foxconn eyes US factory opening

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Work with dignity doesn’t appear to be part of the Foxconn plan.
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Unemployment drops in key swing states

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And unemployment rates among blacks and Latinos, while higher than the national average, decreased even faster.

Romney promises to create 12m jobs by doing absolutely nothing

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Romney/Ryan are already taking credit for 12m jobs the Obama economy is expected to create even if they lose the election.
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