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Nazi-saluting “Alt Right” conference closes with attack on Jews

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The racist “Alt Right” just held a DC conference where they adopted Nazi terminology/salutes & attacked Jews.

Steve King goysplains how anti-Semitic Jewish Democrats are

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According to King, you can only be a real Jew if you hate Arabs as much as he does.

Jews in eastern Ukraine told to register with pro-Russian forces, or else

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Sec. Kerry: “It’s not just intolerable, it’s grotesque.”

Jews brought Holocaust on themselves, says Russian state TV

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“They [Jews] also advanced the first [Holocaust].”
Marc Chagall's "The Fiddler."

Russia is now scapegoating Jews in its battle against gays

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What we feared might happen, has. Russia is now playing the “Jew” card in its war on gays.
Alex Jones, demonstrating with his hands how the government's small planes fly between the clouds to create a tornado.

Yes, Virginia, there are tornado-truthers

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Tornado-truthers worry the government and its secret weapons might just be behind the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.
Jews forbidden sign, via Shutterstock

“Powerful Jewish forces” in America concern lead religious right group with ties to GOP

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The American Family Association has close ties to the Republican party.
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Gun nuts think Obama is like Hitler because they don’t like America

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The Republicans don’t have a problem with Obama, they have a problem with America.
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