Christ, with a sidearm of sorts, via Wikimedia Commons

Why does it matter if Jesus would wear a sidearm?

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“Because Jesus said so” is always a lazy argument, regardless of the point it serves to defend.
Donald Trump, via iprimages / Flickr

Trump and Carson set to have the most ironic Jesus-off ever

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A religious faker versus a religious oddball. Who will win?
Image courtesy of Fox19.

Bank Teller fired for being too Christian with the customers

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Teller would wish customers a “blessed day,” then allegedly asked them if they found Jesus.
Jesus' face courtesy of Shutterstock. Renata Sedmakova /

FRC: “Man’s man” Jesus is coming back with AR-15 “Sandy Hook” assault rifle

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Leading religious right group Family Research Council says Jesus will be packing heat when he comes again.

Jesus rebranded, now with more capitalism

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Jesus, now with more capitalism: “If they’re hungry, sell them something to eat.” That’s the spirit.

“Superman” is not Jesus

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Hollywood is aggressively marketing the new Superman film “Man of Steel” as a Jesus allegory. Don’t believe it.
Catholic facepalm via Shutterstock

Cardinal accused of aiding pedophiles will vote on next pope, says he’s scapegoat, like Jesus

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Cardinal Mahony, accused of shielding and protecting child-rapist priests, is heading to Rome to pick next Pope.

Kai, the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker who took on Jesus, goes on Jimmy Kimmel (video)

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Kai, the hitchhiker who saved a woman by fighting off a 300 pound Jesus with a hatchet, went on Jimmy Kimmel.
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