Weird Japanese Trump anime video, or something

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It’s difficult to tell if the video is pro- or anti- Trump, but I’m guessing the world blowing up is a clue.

The wild rabbits of Okunoshima, Japan (video)

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The story goes, the rabbits were used to test chemical weapons during WWII, and then released and multiplied.
Nuclear plant via Shutterstock.

Fukushima: High-risk TEPCO work at Reactor 4 has started (updated)

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TEPCO now admits that the whole Fukushima site contains 80 fuel rods damaged prior to 2011.

WWII gun camera footage of Japanese planes being shot down (video)

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Amazing and disturbing video that looks like something out of Hollywood, and it’s definitely not.

(Updated) Fukushima animation shows how difficult clean-up is going to be

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Two views of the spent fuel pool at TEPCO Fukushima Reactor 4. Animation is very instructive (though idealized).
Nuclear plant via Shutterstock.

Japanese mafia feared in control of labor at Fukushima nuclear clean-up

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While some experts fear Fukushima could go critical, with 85 times the nuclear contamination of Chernobyl.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Japan’s new “state secrets act” stirs fears about press freedom, Fukushima transparency

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Prime Minister says secrecy law is needed to set up US-style National Security Council. Is Fukushima the reason?

Fukushima: “Usual suspects in Japan are getting richer… at the expense of public safety”

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Writer w 20-yrs Japan experience: “They’ve extended the Japanese patronage system to benefit from the disaster.”
Fukushima Reactor 4 after earthquake and tsunami severely damaged it

3 Fukushima reactor cores melted into earth during accident, still missing – 4th could explode

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Fukushima Reactor 4 still a potential disaster. Three other reactor cores melted into the earth. Action needed.

Waiter-less super-automated Japanese restaurant (video)

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An interesting video of a restaurant in Japan that’s taken automation to an extreme. There are no servers.

(Updated) Risky repair of Fukushima could spill 15,000x radiation of Hiroshima, create 85 Chernobyls

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Does the crisis at Fukushima now demand a global take-over of the repair effort?

Zip bags from Japan (video)

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Long strips of cloth with zippers on them and they zip into a handbag. What will those Japanese think of next?
Fish via Shutterstock

84% of world’s fish not safe to eat more than once a month

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I’m not sure how happy I am eating something that’s so poisonous you can only eat one serving per month.
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