GOP publication: Blood Moon is God’s warning to Obama

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Apparently, because the Blood Moon happened during Passover it means God is PO’d.

Is Hillary hurting her 2016 chances by not backing peace with Iran?

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Will Hillary support peace with Iran, while it matters, or risk her chances in 2016 like she did in 2008?
Dome of the Rock, in the Old City of Jerusalem (via Shutterstock).

Does boycotting Israeli academics advance academic freedom?

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A look at a boycott of Israeli academics that spurred an even fiercer counter-boycott.
White phosphorus over Gaza

Reflections on capitalism: Who are the Unpeople of the world?

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To whites, the poor and darker skinned are Unpeople. To the major capitalists, the circle is a whole lot larger.
Slippery when wet.

Only watch this video if you like hot wet men

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A video by a friend of a friend in Israel.
Virtually Speaking

News of the week on Virtually Speaking Sundays: Gaius & Avedon Carol

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What happened this week? What have Obama, Israel, the NRA and Keystone Pipeline lovers done lately? Tune in.
Israeli flag

Why do GOP presidents hate Israel?

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Republicans always say they love Israel more than Dems, then why do R presidents never visit Israel, and Ds do?
Log Cabin Republicans Chuck Hagel NYT ad, featured

Chuck Hagel, Israel, and the gays – oh my

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I’m curious how a gay GOP group suddenly found the money to buy full-page ads in the NYT attacking Chuck Hagel.
Israeli flag

Remember when Romney said Israel was socialist and un-American?

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Romney to focus on Israel in tonight’s debate, after saying Israelis aren’t “individuals pursuing their dreams.”
Israel/Iran via Shutterstock.

Romney phones Netanyahu hours after Obama does same

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Romney thinks he’s America’s political messiah, and he’ll butt into every national security crisis until he proves it.
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