Vintage 1960s IRS video introduces anxious Americans to wonder of “computers”

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“This is the real heart of the Martinsburg monster.”

IRS is using NSA data now too. Who in town isn’t?

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If you think the “legal” use of this much data by so many agencies is too much, consider the corrupt uses.
What's not to trust about a 59 year old guy without a single gray hair?

“Conservative Republican” ran Cincinnati IRS office that investigated Tea Party

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In other words, it wasn’t a Democratic investigation of the Tea Party, it was a conservative Republican one.

Glenn Beck has bizarre argument with self in drag over IRS & “death panels”

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The only death panel is the one running the Republican party into the ground.

Jon Stewart’s IRS schadenfreude: “Where’s your receipts, a**holes?”

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While Stewart has little sympathy for GOP scandal-mongering, he admits schadenfreude at the IRS being audited.
What's not to trust about a 59 year old guy without a single gray hair?

Chairman Issa, what exactly did Jay Carney lie about?

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If you’re going to call the White House spokesman a liar, at least have the balls to explain why.

IRS commissioner resigns over Tea Party scandal

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This is just coming in…

IRS “scandal”: Rachel Maddow & Dan Rather discuss (video)

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Dan Rather says things were far worse under Nixon, but it’s legit to have an investigation.
Tea Party compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler in an email fundraiser.

The IRS shouldn’t investigate the Tea Party. Homeland Security should.

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It’s crazy that the IRS investigated the Tea Party. These folks are far too unstable for just the IRS.
A new-fangled "cell phone" advertised in 1986.

Your email and text messages aren’t safe

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The govt. says it can read your email, text message, private tweets and Facebook chats without a warrant.
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