Trump: Putin's been a very strong leader for Russia

Donald Trump’s foreign policy flip flops in one short video

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Morning Joe on MSNBC did a great cataloguing a number of Donald Trump’s major flip-flops on foreign policy.
Katrina Pierson

Trump spokesperson: Obama invaded Afghanistan in 2001

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Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson claimed today that President Obama invaded Afghanistan.
Katrina Pierson

Trump campaign publicly throws spokeswoman Katrina Pierson under bus

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The Trump campaign threw their well-known national spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, under a very large bus today.
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After ISIS: Iraq gets ready for a civil war

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With the Islamic State’s loss of 45% of its territory in Iraq over the past two years, we may be approaching the end of the war on ISIS. The conflict’s progression nevertheless ...
Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Trump (again) says US troops are thieves. Vets explode in anger.

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Trump had made the same accusation about US troops a year ago.
Hobby Lobby photo via DangApricot. Pope clothes via Shutterstock (Maxisport /

Hobby Lobby family under investigation for illicit artifacts

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“Is it possible that we have some illicit [artifacts]? That’s possible.”
2012 Best Medic Competition, via Wikimedia Commons

War never changes, but the way we take care of our veterans must

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If you want to pay for people to go to war, you have to pay to take care of them when they get home.

Jeb Bush: I would have invaded Iraq

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If you’re going to be tied to George W. Bush anyway, you might as well own it.

Bill O’Reilly’s war “memory” is worse than Brian Williams’s

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Earlier this month, following reports that Brian Williams exaggerated stories about his time covering the Iraq War and Hurricane Katrina, Bill O’Reilly went to town: O’Reilly ...

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly rips Dick Cheney for getting Iraq wrong (video)

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Fox News’ Megyn Kelly: “Time and time again, history has proven that you got it wrong as well in Iraq, sir.”
Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck: Liberals were right about Iraq

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“You are right. Liberals, you were right. We shouldn’t have.”

Swaying Cheney (or “Lying makes Liz woozy”)

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In her video pushing a re-invasion of Iraq, Liz Cheney, standing beside daddy, looks like she’s about to pass out.
Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blasts Republicans, and Dick Cheney in particular, for suggesting that the US invade Iraq, again.

Harry Reid blasts GOP/Cheney for suggesting US invade Iraq, again

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“We already tried it your way. It was the biggest foreign policy blunder in the history of the country.”
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