Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s insane interview with the Des Moines Register, annotated

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He’s got a secret plan to fight ISIS that we won’t know about until after he’s elected.
Congress, via Creative Commons

It’s time to unlock Congress

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Outlining a blueprint for reforms designed to fix our legislature’s dysfunction.

90 y.o. gay newlyweds on falling in love 72 years ago (video)

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Reporter interviews 15 y.o. kid who wants to win an Olympic medal – his name was Michael Phelps

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Michael Phelps went on to become the most decorated Olympian of all time.

Must-see: Pussy Riot, Russian dissident band, forces Stephen Colbert to crack up (video)

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Speaking thru a translator, Pussy Riot was simply amazing. The guts these women have. Astounding interview.
Marcus Luttrell, photo by  Larry D. Moore (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Loving the troops to death

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CNN’s Jake Tapper got blasted for expressing a legitimate concern about troops deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Writer and comedian GottaLaff

The importance of comedy to progressive media

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Five Questions: Interview with writer, comedian GottaLaff of The Political Carnival, about comedy in politics.

Must-see video: Gay reporter hijacks Russia Today TV interview to protest anti-gay law

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During an interview about Bradley Manning, Jamie Kirchick slipped on a pair of rainbow suspenders and railed.
Writer Dave Johnson

Five Questions: My interview with Dave Johnson of CAF at Netroots Nation 2013

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On his journey: “I came out of this Silicon Valley money dream thing, I found myself, and time slowed down.”

Five Questions: My interview with Sam Seder at Netroots Nation 2013

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I asked Sam about his personal journey, and what’s coming for the nation.
Photo by © LaRae Lobdell

My interview with Dan Savage about his book, bisexuals & Mai Tais (video)

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I asked Dan whether he’d choose for his son to be gay or straight, and his answer might surprise you.

A tearful homeless man in Chicago explains that he isn’t a bum (video)

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“Just because I’m down on my luck, don’t give nobody no excuse to call me no bum, because I’m not.”
From the classic short film Bambi vs Godzilla.

If words could waterboard. Public radio destroys Rumsfeld in interview.

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Public radio’s savage act of journalism interviewing Bush Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
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