90 y.o. gay newlyweds on falling in love 72 years ago (video)

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Reporter interviews 15 y.o. kid who wants to win an Olympic medal – his name was Michael Phelps

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Michael Phelps went on to become the most decorated Olympian of all time.

Must-see: Pussy Riot, Russian dissident band, forces Stephen Colbert to crack up (video)

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Speaking thru a translator, Pussy Riot was simply amazing. The guts these women have. Astounding interview.
Marcus Luttrell, photo by  Larry D. Moore (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Loving the troops to death

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CNN’s Jake Tapper got blasted for expressing a legitimate concern about troops deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Writer and comedian GottaLaff

The importance of comedy to progressive media

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Five Questions: Interview with writer, comedian GottaLaff of The Political Carnival, about comedy in politics.

Must-see video: Gay reporter hijacks Russia Today TV interview to protest anti-gay law

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During an interview about Bradley Manning, Jamie Kirchick slipped on a pair of rainbow suspenders and railed.
Writer Dave Johnson

Five Questions: My interview with Dave Johnson of CAF at Netroots Nation 2013

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On his journey: “I came out of this Silicon Valley money dream thing, I found myself, and time slowed down.”

Five Questions: My interview with Sam Seder at Netroots Nation 2013

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I asked Sam about his personal journey, and what’s coming for the nation.
Photo by © LaRae Lobdell

My interview with Dan Savage about his book, bisexuals & Mai Tais (video)

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I asked Dan whether he’d choose for his son to be gay or straight, and his answer might surprise you.

A tearful homeless man in Chicago explains that he isn’t a bum (video)

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“Just because I’m down on my luck, don’t give nobody no excuse to call me no bum, because I’m not.”
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