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How to choose a secure Internet password

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A cyber-security guru tackles the question of Internet passwords: hacking them, and how to choose safe ones.

Electric condoms with Internet remote-control

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The new remote control condoms are in response to a challenge from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
The Internet is a series of tubes.

Why won’t FCC appeal court ruling striking down net-neutrality?

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Why won’t the FCC appeal the Verizon decision? Do the industry ties of FCC Chair Tom Wheeler tell us something?

DC Circuit rules against Net Neutrality; big (bad) Internet changes could be coming

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Net Neutrality gutted by a corp-friendly court. Will the FCC react to defend the Internet, or cave to lobbyists?

NSA spied on World of Warcraft, Second Life

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Stephen Colbert weighs in on the news that the NSA spied on World of Warcraft and Second Life to find terrorists.
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When “saying it first” becomes more important than “getting it right”

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A discussion of the perils of online journalism.

A great way to protect your privacy online: a VPN

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I use a VPN called Private Internet Access to protect my privacy and passwords. You should too.
Edward Snowden

Is the NSA ready to adopt (and adapt to) its real mission?

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The NSA must protect US and allied information systems from attack. All other concerns are secondary.

Instagram at Auschwitz: Has social media gone too far?

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Auschwitz has an Instagram account. Is it appropriate to use Instagram’s fun filters at a Nazi death camp?

How the rich strip wealth of the 99% through debt

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If the income gain of most people since 1966 is one inch, the gain of the top .001% is five miles.
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