Jim Wallis of Sojourners stabs gays in back on immigration reform

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Jim Wallis, longtime social justice advocate, joins Baptists & Evangelicals in demanding gays be x’d from bill.

Dear gays, immigration reform is only for “valuable” constituencies – you’re not

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Gays were dumped from Latino immigration reform because “some constituencies are more valuable than others.”

Immigration advocates to gays: We’re just not that into you

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Gays are being asked to “take one” for a team that doesn’t seem terribly interested in taking one for them.

The GOP’s 11m Latino human shields

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Marco Rubio and the GOP are very upset that immigration reform might actually benefit all Americans.

Why I’m not happy & gay about immigration reform

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The false claim that the bill already helps gays undercuts making that claim a reality.

Immigration reform is so gay — or not

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Democratic Senators Schumer, Durbin, Menendez, Bennet agree to axe gay couples from immigration reform bill.

Is undocumented immigration a gay issue?

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A new Web site, and coalition, is focusing on the plight of undocumented LGBT immigrants. But is it a gay issue?
Lindsay Graham chick-fil-a

Lindsey Graham (R-Closet) having vapors over including gays in immigration bill

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If Lindsey Graham wants to demonize gay relationships then he puts his liaisons, or lack thereof, at issue.

The GOP plan to steal the 2016 election

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Republicans plan to woo Latinos in an effort to win big in 2016. But is it already too late for the GOP?
immigration reform

Right-wing infighting overshadows new bipartisan immigration reform plan

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A bipartisan group of 8 Democratic and Republican senators unveiled a framework for immigration reform.

Obama to include gays in immigration reform plan, while Senate Dems abandon us

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Democratic Senators Schumer, Durbin, Menendez, Bennet cut gays from their bipartisan plan released two days ago.
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