Melania Trump plagiarism

With Trump talking immigration, it’s time to revisit Melania’s funky visa status

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Did Melania Trump, the wife of an anti-immigration candidate, deliberately lie about why she came to the US?
Gay & trans contingent at the huge immigration rally a few years back in Washington, DC.

Trump’s new ideological immigration test would ban GOP & Evangelicals

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Trump will announce an immigration ideological purity test on “religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights.”
Ana Navarro

VIDEO: GOP’s Ana Navarro destroys Trump over anti-Latino bigotry

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Trump also made a weird comment about African-Americans today.
No Person is Illegal, via miguelb / Flickr

Donald Trump is causing a spike in naturalization applications from Latinos

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When you spend months otherizing racial minorities, racial minorities will seek to deny you political power.
President Obama's last State of the Union, via YouTube

Obama’s State of the Union summarized the bulk of our domestic policy debate in two sentences

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Our economic problems aren’t black and brown people’s fault, thank you very much.
Ted Cruz, via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Ted Cruz’s Canadian birth won’t affect his eligibility, but it will hurt his candidacy

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“24% of Cruz voters say someone born outside the country shouldn’t be allowed to be President.” – PPP poll.
Ted Cruz, via DonkeyHotey / Flickr

Cruz outflanks Trump on immigration

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Trump is going to have to come up with something new to reclaim the farthest-right ground.
Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

After months of appeasement, GOP candidates finally say Trump’s gone too far

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Trump’s proposal is simply the one-sentence version of the message the GOP has been sending for fourteen years.
Donald Trump

A few questions for Donald Trump regarding his call for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslim immigration

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It was only a matter of time.
President Obama speaks in Kenya, screenshot via YouTube

President Obama zings anti-refugee Republicans

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Folks who have spent seven years calling Obama a Muslim communist are about to get real sensitive about tone.
Ben Carson, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Ben Carson breaks with Donald Trump on immigration, but his plan is no less insane

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This policy is Pyramids-built-to-store-grain-level crazy.
Flag of Texas, via Wikimedia Commons

Federal judge gives Texas thumbs-up to continue denying citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants

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Texas is really, really bad at democracy.
Hillary Clinton at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, screenshot via YouTube

Clinton protested (again) over fundraising from private prisons

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Clinton did not address the protestor, and has not yet addressed the issue.
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