A humbling view of the inner solar system from Saturn via Cassini

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A magnificent photo from NASA’s Cassini probe of Saturn – showing the inner planets, including the Earth and Moon.

Haiyan, possibly strongest typhoon ever, hits Philippines, 200 mph, amazing satellite images

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CNN reports that the wind gusts are bigger than Katrina and Sandy combined, climate change played a role.

The universe has 100 billion galaxies, with 100 billion stars in each galaxy

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It’s an amazing fact, and figure, that I always Google to remind myself exactly how many there are.

Oklahoma tornado damage before-and-after satellite images via Google (video)

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The animated image you see above is the Briarwood Elementary school, before and after the tornado struck.

Horrific videos, images of Oklahoma, Kansas tornadoes

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Some astounding videos and images of the multiple tornadoes that hit Oklahoma and Kansas in the past 24 hours.

NYC is under water: A collection of shocking photos of the City via Twitter

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Chelsea and southern Manhattan flooded. Tunnels flooded. Subway flooded. And the water is still rising.
Close-up of Hurricane Sandy off cost of VA and MD, courtesy of NOAA

Latest images of Hurricane Sandy

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More cool shots of Sandy just before the eye comes on shore.
View of Hurricane Sandy and entire earth, NOAA

Hurricane Sandy images

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Spectacular images of Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm.
Image of the entire earth, with Hurricane Sandy, courtesy of NOAA.

Hurricane Sandy: Latest images, including entire earth

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God I love this stuff. The latest images from NOAA.

Cool images of Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm

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Superstorm Sandy may be merging with other storms.
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