Gay marriages began yesterday in Illinois, statewide

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Yesterday was the first day that gay couples could marry in every Illinois county.

NYT kinda outs Aaron Schock

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The NYT reported on Itay Hod’s outing of an unnamed GOP congressman, then linked to multiple stories naming him.
Aaron Schock teletubby, photo by Will Kohl.

Conservative media picks up Aaron Schock gay rumor

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WorldNetDaily reports on the rumors that anti-gay GOP Cong. Aaron Schock is gay, only helping to fuel the flames.

Anti-gay GOPer Aaron Schock locks down Instagram account as outing rumors swirl

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Anti-gay GOP Cong. Aaron Schock locks down his Instagram account as gay rumors grow.
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki

Catholic bishop of Springfield, IL to do “exorcism” on day governor signs gay marriage bill

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Catholic Bishop Paprocki: “[S]ame-sex ‘marriage’ comes from the devil and should be condemned as such.”

Pastor denies new church intended to look like giant penis from space

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Christian Scientists deny new church in Dixon, Illinois was built to resemble penis when viewed from Google Maps.

Quite likely the least effective argument against gay marriage, ever (video)

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Homophobe, upset that Illinois just legalized gay marriage, goes nuts on presumed-lesbian on CTA public bus.
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It was a good night for sodomy in America

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From Virginia to Illinois to Seattle, gay rights, and really sex more generally, was on the ballot, and won.

BREAKING: Illinois House and Senate pass gay marriage!

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Bill is on its way to governor for his promised signature. IL will be 15th US state to legalize gay marriages
lesbian-couple illinois

One of the most touching gay marriage ads, ever (video)

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It’s rare that sing the praises about any pro-gay ad, but this one from Illinois is just wonderful.
Photo via Shutterstock

Obama’s OFA to help push gay marriage in Illinois. This is a big deal.

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It wasn’t long ago that OFA seemed reticent to embrace our issues, particularly at the state leve. Not any more.
gay marriage

IL GOP chair lobbying for gay marriage, Catholic bigots opposing

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Pat Brady: “Giving gay and lesbian couples the freedom to get married honors the best conservative principles.”
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