Photo by Dave Weigel.

Welcome to the Chris Christie Super Subpoena Bowl!

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“The crowd is much thinner than expected today. Seems someone closed two-thirds of the stadium turnstiles.”

Practical joker puts remote control devil baby on NYC sidewalk, hilarity ensues

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OMG you’re either going to love this, or hate this. I laughed out loud. I know, I’m going to hell.

Introducing “Amazon Rocket” – delivery in 5 minutes or less (video)

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Yesterday we wrote about Amazon’s new 30-minute “drone” delivery. Today, we bring you “Amazon Rocket.”

Gay sex in the insect world, as only Stephen Colbert can cover it

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75% of bugs are having gay sex, and they’re having it “accidentally.” Stephen Colbert is on the case.

Bad British basketball commentary (video)

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From the guys who brought us “Bad British baseball commentary,” we now have “Bad British basketball commentary.”

The Great Cuccinelli Messaging Machine (funny video)

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It seems the reality stars, the Duggars, couldn’t quite remember Terry McAuliffe’s name, so they improvised.

Hot dad lip syncs 6 y.o. daughter’s hour-long temper tantrum (video)

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It’s pretty funny, and dad is awfully hot.

Sad Cat Diary (funny video)

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“Like Sisyphus, I am bound to hell.”

N*dist camp owner cracks up audience on “What’s my line?” (video)

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Steve Allen: “Might I ever come to you for these services? Could it ever make me happy?”

No actual Disney characters were harmed in the making of this video

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YouTubers are divided as to Banksy’s new work is funny, dumb, anti-Muslim or anti-American.
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