Transgender video – “Injustice at every turn”

Diagnosed with nonexistence: How bias deprives medicine of integrity

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What kind of a society is willing to kill its neighbors and loved ones just because they don’t understand?
Syria via Shutterestock

The West is using an accounting trick to ignore Saudi Arabia’s Syrian refugees

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Here’s how you make millions of refugees disappear in one easy step.

Carson’s Far Right Christian Attack on the Constitution

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If being a Muslim disqualifies one from public office, so does Christianity.
President Obama speaks in Kenya, screenshot via YouTube

President Obama calls out Kenya on LGBT rights, corruption

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Kenyan elected officials warned Obama not to talk about LGBT rights. He ignored them.
Tom Cotton, via Creative Commons

On human rights, the “other countries are worse” defense needs to go

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Mike Huckabee and Tom Cotton would rather Indiana be compared to Iran than Illinois when it comes to LGBT rights.
PHYANG, LADAKH, INDIA - JULY 2014: Ladakhi Tibetan Buddhist monks at a festival in Phyang monastery, Ladakh. (geoffrey wiggins /

Chinese hack Tibetan monks, systematically targeting human rights groups

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New study says Chinese hackers are systematically targeting human rights groups, with China’s consent.
11 year old Yemeni girl Nada Al Ahdal, who ran away rather than be married off to her uncle.

Iraq wants to lower marriage age to 9, legalize marital rape, ban women from leaving home

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Iraqi Minister of Planning Ali Shukri: “Iraq is the number one country in the world in marriages of young girls.”

“Why does #GayGestapo never complain about the hateful repression of women by Muslims?”

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Upset about their Mozilla loss, GOPers are now (falsely) claiming that the left ignores women in the Arab world.

Nellie McKay, Will Dollinger release song benefiting Russian gay rights advocacy (video)

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The new song, “Vodka,” will benefit AMERICAblog’s and Queer Nation NY’s work on the Russian LGBT issue, and more.
Russian Foreign Ministry document calls gays "queers."

“Queers”: Term Russian Foreign Ministry calls gays in human rights report

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Russian “human rights report” talks about “countries which have always taken a liberal attitude towards queers.”

Jamaican “Harlem Shake” calls for pedophile, zoophile gays to be jailed

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In Jamaica, they rape lesbians in order to “cure” them of their homosexuality, police refuse to investigate.

Gay marriage victory in Mexican Supreme Court, Uruguay set to legalize as well

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So now Mexico is ahead of the US on some human rights. Bizarre. And sad (for us, happy for them).
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