“I’m not gay no more, I don’t like mens no more” (hysterical video)

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A young gay man is “cured” by a televangelist. Hilarity ensues. (Real video.)
Pink toaster, via Shutterstock.

The Catholic church hates you a wee bit less

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A new Vatican document says gays have “gifts,” and civil unions and cohabitation have “positive aspects.”

Christians should accept marriage equality

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Christians, including Catholics, compromise their “immutable sexual principles” all the time. And should again.
Protester in India (photo: NDTV screenshot)

India’s Stonewall: How recriminalizing homosexuality inspired a revolution

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How the Indian Supreme Court’s recriminalization of homosexuality started a revolution.

India re-criminalizes homosexuality, proudly enters 19th century

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India restakes its claim to British colonial tradition and the notion of civil rights circa 1860, during Victoria.

Pat Roberston tells mom with gay son to make sure coach didn`t molest him

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Robertson actually said something kind of pro-gay, before suggesting that kids turn gay from being molested.
Not a crook. Something far worse. Johnson failed to recognize the face of our future.

New Nixon audio: “Aristotle was a homo… Roman emperors, fags”

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Nixon’s anti-gay tirade targeted the hit show “All in the Family,” and the Roman empire, as well.
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Wacky group that “cures” gays loses tax-exempt status

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I’ve assembled some of the best videos from the Daily Show, Colbert, and CNN on these morons.
Ghanian Cardinal Peter Turkson via Haiducul, Wikipedia.

Pope candidate Cardinal Turkson: Pedophilia is a white thing

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One of the top candidates for Pope thinks the pedophile scandal is really a “gay” scandal, and a white thing.
justice antonin scalia

Scalia equates being gay with murder

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Scalia once famously complained that if sodomy is legal, then states couldn’t regulate masturbation either.
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