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Ben Carson’s campaign is a game of six degrees of Kevin Bacon, but for slavery and the Holocaust

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Give Carson any issue, and he can tie it back to a historical atrocity in six moves or less.
Larry Pratt speaking with Alan Colmes, screenshot via Media Matters

“Were the Jews responsible for their own deaths in the Holocaust?” is now a serious question in the Republican primary

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None of the non-Carson candidates have been asked if they agree with him on gun control and the Holocaust…yet.
Ben Carson, screenshot via YouTube

Conservative media circles the wagons on the Holocaust and gun control

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it’s one thing to care about winning more than about being right, but this is ridiculous.
Ben Carson, via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Ben Carson keeps digging, calls Anti-Defamation League’s Holocaust history “foolishness”

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When the Anti-Defamation League tells you that your Holocaust history is wrong, your Holocaust history is wrong.
Ben Carson, screenshot via YouTube

Ben Carson is a fire hose of awful

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The rate at which Carson says things that would end most presidential campaigns is nothing short of impressive.
Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council

ADL slaps FRC for saying gays would send Christians to death camps

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FRC’s Tony Perkins: “When are they going to start rolling out the boxcars to start hauling off Christians?”

Jews brought Holocaust on themselves, says Russian state TV

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“They [Jews] also advanced the first [Holocaust].”

Oldest known Holocaust surivor dies in London at the age of 110

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“Only when we are so old – only – we are aware of the beauty of life.”
Russian TV star Ivan Okhlobystin. (Photo by Ivan Burnyashev.

Top Russian TV star calls for gays to be burned alive in ovens, fans cheer

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TV star Ivan Okhlobystin is also demanding that “f*ggots” be stripped of the right to vote.
Gays in Nazi Germany were considered a threat to German purity. The Nazis arrested 100,000 men, with 10,000 to 15,000 sent to concentration camps to die.


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The absolute wrong lesson to take from the Holocaust was that it was so unique it could never happen again.
Queer Nation/RUSA LGBT Russian vodka dump at Russian consulate in NYC by ©Scott Wooledge

“The Holocaust didn’t happen overnight”

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“Russia’s anti-gay laws are disturbingly similar to the Nuremberg laws Hitler passed before the 1936 Olympics.”
Anne Frank, from "Anne Frank: Her life in words and pictures from the archives of The Anne Frank House."

Michigan mom says “Diary of Anne Frank” too sexual for 7th grade

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Because nothing says “teaching kids about the Nazis” like censoring books.
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