LGBT voters came out strong for Hillary, dumped Trump in historic numbers

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Some are claiming LGBT voters sold out Hillary. The opposite is true — we supported her, and dumped Trump.

Election Night Open Thread

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The election is turning into a nail-biter. Join us.

An homage to all the Trump pundits we’re going to miss after tomorrow (if there’s a god)

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Someone made an homage to all the Trump pundits we’re going to miss if Hillary beats Trump Tuesday night.
trump-mocks-reporter disability

Longtime GOP strategist Ana Navarro is voting for Hillary. Here’s why.

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Longtime Republican strategist Ana Navarro is now voting for Hillary Clinton. Here’s why.

BREAKING: FBI Director exonerates Hillary in new letter to Congress

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FBI Director Comey has completely exonerated Hillary in a new letter to Congress about her email server.

How the FBI rigged the election for Trump

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If Donald Trump wins on Tuesday, it will be FBI Director James Comey’s fault. It’s time for Comey to resign.

Fake (Russian?) Twitter accounts maul Clinton, praise Trump

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A series of fake, possibly Russian, pro-Trump Twitter accounts are impersonating actual American twitter users.

Michelle Obama’s speech, live

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First Lady Michelle Obama will campaign with Hillary Clinton. Watch her speech live.

Hillary Clinton’s real record on LGBT rights

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Some Trump supporters and millennials claim Hillary is bad on LGBT rights. They’re wrong. Here’s why.
Donald Trump Hillary Clinton debate

Hillary destroyed Donald Trump

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We have a winner. Hillary Clinton absolutely, deliciously and definitively destroyed Donald Trump in tonight’s presidential debate. The debate started slow. Throughout the first ...
Hillary Trump first presidential debate

Election 2016 update, the latest as we prepare to watch tonight’s debate

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I talk about about the latest polls, Trump’s & Hillary’s debate strategies, and Trump’s goal through Nov. 8.
north carolina GOP

A rare moment of civility and humanity between Hillary and the NC GOP

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Hillary and the NC GOP exchanged kind words on Twitter over the news that someone firebombed a GOP office.
bad lip reading

Bad lip reading the first presidential debate between Hillary and Trump

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Bad lip reading the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
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