Clinton Foundation

How AP published the biggest lie ever about the Clinton Foundation

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The AP claimed that half of Hillary’s meeting as Secretary of State were with Clinton Foundation donors. AP lied.
stop trump

Please donate to my campaign to stop Donald Trump

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I am asking you to support me over the next 3 months in a campaign to defeat Trump and win back the Congress.
Facebook live Aravosis

Facebook Live: Trump’s health, Wikileaks outs gay, NYT hacked by Russians

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Today’s Facebook Live election broadcast about Trump’s health, Wikileaks outing a gay man, and the NYT hack.
Andrew Breitbart, photo by Gage Skidmore.

538: Hillary could still lose

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Hillary Clinton is ahead by a wide margin, but historically that can change between now and election day.

Why Hillary Clinton is right to take on high prescription drug prices

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Hillary Clinton is going to take on high drugs prices — hallelujah. Here’s my take on why US prices are so high.
Bangkokhappiness /

Hezbollah and the Kremlin are now rooting for Trump

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The terrorist group Hezbollah and the Kremlin’s propaganda organ are now both defending Donald Trump.

Wikileaks/Assange promoting conspiracy that Hillary killed DNC staffer

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Wikileaks and Julian Assange have embraced a conspiracy theory claiming Hillary killed a young DNC staffer.
Trump assassinate Hillary

Trump just suggested that Hillary or her Supreme Court picks be assassinated

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Donald Trump joked today that one solution to Hillary’s Supreme Court picks is having her, or them, shot to death.
Hillary Clinton Beijing

While Trump coddles Putin, Hillary knows how to handle dictators

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While Trump coddles Putin, Hillary has a track record of standing up to authoritarian bullies.
Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Trump releases attack video with fake Hillary quote

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Donald Trump released a video that “falsifies,” as CBS put it, Hillary Clinton’s position on taxes.
Trump: Putin's been a very strong leader for Russia

Hillary eviscerates Trump over ties to Russia (video)

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Hillary Clinton published a scathing two-minute today, attacking Donald Trump for his ties to Russia.
Meg Whitman

Huge news: GOPer Meg Whitman endorses Hillary, will fundraise for her

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Silicon Valley billionaire & former GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman will vote and raise money for Hillary.
hillary oj tshit

Amazon selling “I wish Hillary had married OJ” t-shirts

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The pun of the shirt is that OJ is thought by many to have to killed his wife, so the wearer wants Hillary dead.
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