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A plan to close Social Security field offices and outsource its work

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From a leaked SSA planning doc — they’re closing their field offices & outsourcing (but shh, don’t tell anyone).

Hillary one-ups squirrel RNC sent to harass her

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The Republicans sent a giant squirrel to chase Hillary on her book tour, so Hillary walked up and gave him a book.

NPR hits Hillary hard over gay marriage, Hillary gets ticked

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Terry Gross hits Hillary hard, and Hillary gets awfully defensive.

Right-wingers trash Hillary’s new book “Hard Choices” on Amazon

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The far-right Benghazi-crowd has sent the ratings of Hillary’s new book “Hard Choices” through the floor.

Five reasons Elizabeth Warren might run in 2016

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Elizabeth Warren has said she’s not a candidate in 2016. Here are five reasons she could change her mind.

Karl Rove thinks Hillary Clinton has brain damage, and Colbert is on it (video)

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“Hillary’s shown signs of mental frailty before. Just look at these pants she wore in the 1970s.”
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Seven things about the “inevitable” Hillary Clinton

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is Hillary Clinton really inevitable? If so, can she win? Seven reasons to give the latter a second thought.
Lead Benghazi cheerleader Lindsey Graham is focused on getting the bottom.

GOP House Armed Services Chair exonerates Obama, Hillary over Benghazi

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House Armed Services Chair Buck McKeon says the US military did all it could in responding to the Benghazi attack.
Hillary texting for climate advice. Can we have a text too please?

The Deafening Silence of Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton has yet to declare herself publicly on a variety of issues, yet she speaks to Goldman Sachs. Why?
Anya Schiffrin

The French way of cancer treatment; it’s entirely humane

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Cancer care in France — an American daughter’s discovery that the French system for health care is, well, humane.
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