KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - MARCH 14, 2014: two kids signing a billboard for the safe return of Malaysia Airlines MH370 which went missing on March 8 2014. MH370 remains missing to date. cjmac / Shutterstock.com

NYT: Malaysian govt had military radar data from Day 1, intentionally searched wrong area

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Experts say pilot would be obvious first suspect, yet Malaysia didn’t search his home for a week.

Malaysia Air Flight 370 may have flown 2,000 miles in Chinese airspace?

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Data suggests plane flew an additional 7 hours after last official contact.

Malaysian Prime Minister: Plane could have gone far as Kazakhstan, aloft 7 more hours

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Satellite communications data suggests the plane flew for 7 more hours after transponder was turned off.

Missing Malaysia Air flight appears to have done u-turn before disappearing

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An interesting map of just how far the Malaysian Air flight could have flown – Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia…

Must-see video: Gay reporter hijacks Russia Today TV interview to protest anti-gay law

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During an interview about Bradley Manning, Jamie Kirchick slipped on a pair of rainbow suspenders and railed.
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