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The Obama administration quietly undid some of the damage done in Hobby Lobby ruling

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New rules from HHS guarantee all workers coverage for contraception, regardless as to who they work for.
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White House: 11.4 million Americans enrolled in Obamacare this year

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Yesterday, following the February 15th deadline to enroll in marketplace coverage under Obamacare this year, the White House released preliminary estimates showing that 11.4 million ...

Actual NYT headline: “Sebelius resigns after troubles over health site”

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Why not, “Sebelius resigns after 13.5 million insured”?

She’s Obamacare’s biggest proponent, and worst defender

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HHS Secretary Sebelius was awkward and nervous defending health care reform to Jon Stewart last night.

Obama drops appeal of “morning after pill” suit. Plan B should be over-the-counter soon.

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Big news broke last night.
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