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White House: 11.4 million Americans enrolled in Obamacare this year

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Yesterday, following the February 15th deadline to enroll in marketplace coverage under Obamacare this year, the White House released preliminary estimates showing that 11.4 million ...
Cabaret: "Money makes the world go around"

Obama got $20mil from healthcare industry in 2008, 3x what McCain got

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Pre-election: Obama praised single-payer. Post-election: Obama froze single-payer advocates out of ACA meetings.
Protester during Obama’s “I can’t close Guantánamo” speech: “You are commander-in-chief”

Why is the ACA (Obamacare) so complicated?

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The only customers that Obama, Messina and Baucus listened to were doctors, hospitals and drug companies.
I can haz Obamacare

I can haz Obamacare: My premiums are going down 23%, $100/month

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I’m going to save over $100 per month in my health insurance premiums, nearly 25%, with Obamacare.
How can we afford not to focus on health care?  We can’t.

(Updated) Obamacare insurance exchanges may not be good deal for young and healthy

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Eskow: “Deciding against a plan that requires you to pay $10–$15,000 out of pocket is a rational act.”
Cardinal Dolan (Credit: Cy White)

Catholic bishop of NY paying for abortion insurance

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Lead opponent of Obamacare requirement to provide contraception insurance already does to some employees.

Oregon Insurers vying to lower premiums because of Obamacare

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Health insurance companies in Oregon are trying to lower their premiums, in order to compete with each other.
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