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How American insurance companies starve patients to death

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Insurance companies are refusing to cover adequate treatment for anorexia, and patients are dying.
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How much will Sanders raise your taxes? A lot.

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Sanders say you’ll actually save by not having to pay for health insurance. I ran the math, and it depends.
Jeb Bush, screenshot via YouTube

Add funding for women’s health to the list of popular things Jeb Bush wants to repeal

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“I’m not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.” That’s…$3.18 per woman.
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The Veterans Administration needs more doctors

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Problems with the VA’s medical system are exacerbated when they can’t hire enough people.
President Obama signs the Affordable Care Act, via Wikimedia Commons

Namesake of Obamacare subsidies case gets his health insurance from the government

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Government insurance for me, but none for thee.

How health insurance companies still cheat customers under Obamacare

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Those crafty insurance companies have come up with new ways to get rid of undesirable customers.
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Don’t forget preventive maintenance on your own body

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Here are a number of regular health screenings you should be getting. And check with your doctor (and insurance).
Hyder, Alaska. Population: 87. (Via Shutterstock)

The challenge of providing health care in Alaska

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How do you provide quality health care when the nearest emergency room is 35 miles away, or unreachable by land?
Anya Schiffrin

The French way of cancer treatment; it’s entirely humane

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Cancer care in France — an American daughter’s discovery that the French system for health care is, well, humane.

4 shocking facts about American healthcare (video)

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His name is Josh Sundquist, and he’s really good – and quite a captivating speaker.
Free health and dental clinic by Remote Area Medical during the week of August 19, 2009, Los Angeles, California. (spirit of america /

“Texas’ Other Death Penalty“

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A look at health care in America.
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The true cost of end-of-life care

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The cost of sometimes ill-advised end-of-life care is both monetary and emotional, for you and your family.

With no insurance, he used enemas to treat colon cancer. Now he’s going to die.

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“If we’d found it sooner, it would have made a difference. But now I’m just a dead man walking.”
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