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Supreme Court temporarily blocks vote count in Native Hawaiian election

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Should race neutrality prohibit separate elections for indigenous self-governance?

Hawaii hospital charges Canadian family $1m for baby’s birth

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The baby was born premature, and Blue Cross is refusing to honor the family’s insurance.
Stanley Chang, House candidate in HI-01

Support Chang in HI-01 – Don’t let Dems elect a Koch-friendly pro-nukes oil-funded anti-choice candidate

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A House primary worth your contribution is HI-01″. Stanley Chang is running against a Koch-influenced RW “Dem.”

Survivor videos own plane crashing in Hawaii

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A remarkable (and not gory) video of a small plane crashing in Hawaii, taken by someone on the flight.

New Trump birther rant suggests Hawaii health director killed to hide truth

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“Amazing the State Health Director who verified copies of Obama’s ‘birth certificate’ died in plane crash today.”
Hawaii via Shutterstock

BREAKING: Hawaii passes gay marriage bill, governor to sign in morning

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Marriages of same-sex couples should begin in Hawaii on December 2. Hawaii will be the 15th state to legalize.
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It was a good night for sodomy in America

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From Virginia to Illinois to Seattle, gay rights, and really sex more generally, was on the ballot, and won.

The Mormon mean streak isn’t a bug, it’s a feature

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The Mormons have adopted a new strategy for undercutting gay marriage. It’s more subtle, and just as hateful.

Hawaii tells Janice Keihanaikukauakah- ihuliheekahaunaele to change her name

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Woman refuses to change her 35-letter last name because it won’t fit on her driver’ license.

Maui divers meet even more humpback whales (video)

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The Maui couple who swam with a pod of humpback whales swam with a few more this week.

Hawaiian surfer sets record in Nazaré, Portugal with 90 foot wave (video)

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Garrett McNamara reportedly broke his own record for surfing giant waves this week.
Humpback whales while diving.

Maui divers encounter huge pod of humpback whales (video)

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Divers in Hawaii are really making me jealous these days. Imagine just randomly running into humpback whales.
diver helps dolphin

Amazing video of injured dolphin seeking help from scuba divers

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The dolphin had fishing line and a hook stuck on one of its fins, so it approached a group of divers for help.
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