CNN’s Carol Costello slaps hate-group FRC for linking gays to pedophilia in Boy Scout debate

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Officially-designated hate group FRC tried to claim that gay Scout Masters might rape young scouts.

Will Catholic Conference, Knights of Columbus, renounce racist donor?

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3rd biggest individual donor to MD anti-gay campaign is member of racist, secessionist confederate hate group.
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Repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” made Petraeus cheat on wife

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General Petraeus’ adultery is all the fault of the gays, says Family Research Council. Damn we’re good.
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Religious right laments end of (their) world

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“Tuesday was a devastating day for pro-family advocates.” Heh heh.

When is a mass shooting “terrorism”?

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The FRC shooter has been charged with “terrorism,” but is it?

Religious right kills anti-bullying day in schools

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Conservative Christian hate groups say that anti-bullying policies will secretly turn kids gay.

Religious right’s Tony Perkins threatening to sue Dan Savage?

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Savage is welcoming the suit: “Sue me, Tony. I’d love to see you talk about my ‘issues’ on a witness stand.”

Why the Family Research Council is a hate group

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Because they lie. And they know they lie. And they don’t care. And they’ve been doing it for twenty years. And when I say “lie,” I dont’ mean the standard ...
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