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Mom gets life for beating 3 y.o. son to death, thought he was gay

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The boy suffered five broken ribs, then received the fatal blow to his stomach that ripped his intestines.
Trans woman brutally beaten by Russian vigilantes, who filmed the attack and then posted it online.

Russians film brutal video of attack on transgender woman

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Truly brutal video. Videotaping gay- and trans- bashings is a “thing” in Russia. Authorities do nothing.
Clément Méric, an 18 year old French college student murdered in Paris by far-right skinheads. (Credit: Action Antifasciste)

French religious right: Kid wouldn’t be dead from hate crime if you hadn’t legalized gay marriage

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A disgusting comment from the leader of the French religious right, who is closely allied with America’s right.

WANTED: NYPD releases video of possible Knicks-fan gay-bashers

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The NYPD has released a video showing 8 “persons of interest” in a violent gay-bashing in NYC on Sunday.

NYPD: It’s too hard looking for gay-bashers

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The NYPD sounded uninterested in pursuing a suspected anti-gay hate crime until the media got involved.
Parisian Wilfred de Bruijn, who was brutally attacked by anti-gay thugs in Paris in 2013, blames France’s family-values movement for motivating his attackers.

French religious right promises to spill blood over gay marriage push

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A gay man was brutally attacked this past week in Paris, during one of a series of hate crimes.

Not-very-bright anti-gay bigots in France film selves vandalizing Paris’ LGBT center

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The anti-gay-marriage activists forgot to put on masks until the end of the video of their hate crime. Oops.

I had to brutally murder the black gay guy because he hit on me

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Oh the number of men who would be dead today if they were beaten to death every time they hit on a woman.
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