It’s time for a somber national discussion about [insert latest shooting tragedy here]

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Another mass-murder in America by gunfire. It’s time for candlelight vigils & other meaningless gestures.
President Obama hugs Gabby Giffords, via Wikimedia Commons

GOP freaks out at Obama for announcing that he will enforce existing gun laws

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At this point, the GOP is basically arguing that background check laws are themselves unconstitutional.
Reliant Stadium, gun-friendly home of the Houston Texans, via Wikimedia Commons

National police union asks NFL to remove stadium gun ban over Paris attacks

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The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t a documentary, guys.
Christ, with a sidearm of sorts, via Wikimedia Commons

Why does it matter if Jesus would wear a sidearm?

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“Because Jesus said so” is always a lazy argument, regardless of the point it serves to defend.
Man with gun via Shutterstock

Fox host wonders aloud why we’d want to regulate guns if “we’re not regulating the car”

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By implying that what’s good for cars is good for guns, he inadvertently made the case for new gun regulations.
Ben Carson, screenshot via YouTube

Ben Carson is a fire hose of awful

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The rate at which Carson says things that would end most presidential campaigns is nothing short of impressive.
Jeb Bush, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Republicans are using mental health as an excuse to do nothing about gun violence

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The pivot to mental health by Trump, Carson, Fiorina and others is simply a way to dodge gun control.
Man with gun via Shutterstock

Why can’t our gun policy look more like Canada’s?

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Canada has the thirteenth-highest rate of gun ownership in the world, and doesn’t have a mass shooting epidemic.
Rick Perry, via AddictingInfo

Why are you praying over this shooting tragedy?

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Prayer in the face of tragedies like this is natural. It is also problematic.
Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Donald Trump owns as many guns as he has favorite Bible verses

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Donald Trump would rather not say what kinds of guns he owns. I wonder why.
Zimmerman's flag, via Florida Gun Supply

A “Muslim-free” gun shop in Florida is raffling a Confederate flag painted by George Zimmerman

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You literally couldn’t make a more racist thing if you tried.
Shooting range, via Wikimedia Commons

Arkansas gun range bans Muslims, claims “private club” exemption

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You don’t get to simply declare yourself a private club in order to justify discrimination.
Semi Automatic Rifles via Shutterstock

FBI confirms that Charleston shooter bought gun using background check loophole

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Currently, and for the foreseeable future, loopholes prevent adequate enforcement of background check laws.
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