Christ, with a sidearm of sorts, via Wikimedia Commons

Why does it matter if Jesus would wear a sidearm?

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“Because Jesus said so” is always a lazy argument, regardless of the point it serves to defend.
Man with gun via Shutterstock

Fox host wonders aloud why we’d want to regulate guns if “we’re not regulating the car”

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By implying that what’s good for cars is good for guns, he inadvertently made the case for new gun regulations.
Larry Pratt speaking with Alan Colmes, screenshot via Media Matters

“Were the Jews responsible for their own deaths in the Holocaust?” is now a serious question in the Republican primary

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None of the non-Carson candidates have been asked if they agree with him on gun control and the Holocaust…yet.
Ben Carson, screenshot via YouTube

Conservative media circles the wagons on the Holocaust and gun control

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it’s one thing to care about winning more than about being right, but this is ridiculous.
Ben Carson, via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Ben Carson keeps digging, calls Anti-Defamation League’s Holocaust history “foolishness”

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When the Anti-Defamation League tells you that your Holocaust history is wrong, your Holocaust history is wrong.
Jeb Bush, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Republicans are using mental health as an excuse to do nothing about gun violence

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The pivot to mental health by Trump, Carson, Fiorina and others is simply a way to dodge gun control.
Hillary Clinton in Cleveland, screenshot via YouTube

Hillary Clinton is coming for your guns(how loophole and manufacturer immunity)

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Hillary Clinton said something about guns. Cue the right wing freakout.
Ted Cruz at a treason rally, via Creative Commons

It’s time to amend the Second Amendment

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If gun evangelists insist on misinterpreting the Second Amendment, let’s make it clearer.
Man with gun via Shutterstock

Why can’t our gun policy look more like Canada’s?

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Canada has the thirteenth-highest rate of gun ownership in the world, and doesn’t have a mass shooting epidemic.
Moloch, via Wikimedia Commons

Gun violence in America: the fires of Moloch

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Our tolerance of the loss of innocent lives due to gun violence should be as abhorrent to us as child sacrifice.
Gun via Shutterstock

Are American homicide rates exceptional?

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The United States doesn’t need the highest absolute homicide rate to be an outlier regarding gun violence.
Doctor and gun via Shutterstock

American medical organizations agree: It’s time for modest gun restrictions

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Gun safety is a public health issue.

Parents arrested for videoing 1 y.o. with gun in his mouth

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An Indiana couple was arrested when cops found a video of their child putting a gun barrel in his mouth.
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