SANDY HOOK, CT - DECEMBER 14: School shooting memorials created following December 14, 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Gina Jacobs /

It’s time for an economic blockade of the NRA

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The progressive community has tremendous economic clout. Now’s the time to use it to stop the NRA.
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BREAKING: 5 cops dead, 12 cops shot in Dallas by snipers at anti-violence rally

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Around 10pm tonight, during a peaceful anti-violence rally in Dallas, gunshots rang out.
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Gun safety advocates shouldn’t endorse the validity of the “no fly” list

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In the wake of tragedy, too often, all judicious reasoning protecting due process is lost.

It’s time for a somber national discussion about [insert latest shooting tragedy here]

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Another mass-murder in America by gunfire. It’s time for candlelight vigils & other meaningless gestures.
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Let’s treat men buying guns like women who get abortions

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Mandatory 48-hour waiting period, parental permission, and let’s close down all but one gun shop in every state.
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List of vigils nationwide for anti-gay massacre in Florida

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Vigils are being planned today, nationwide, in response to the horrific terrorist attack at a gay club in Orlando.
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GOP homophobes suddenly concerned about gays, now that 50 are dead in Florida

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Republicans who loathe gays are suddenly expressing concern about our community.
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BREAKING: 50 dead at gay club in Florida after worst mass shooting in US history

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The shooting happened at 2am with a handgun and an AR-15 type automatic rifle.
President Obama hugs Gabby Giffords, via Wikimedia Commons

GOP freaks out at Obama for announcing that he will enforce existing gun laws

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At this point, the GOP is basically arguing that background check laws are themselves unconstitutional.
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Mass shootings really are a bad way to frame the gun violence debate

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Gun violence is an everyday public health issue.
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It isn’t about assault weapons, it’s about access to guns in the first place

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We can reduce gun violence without banning specific types of weapons.
Reliant Stadium, gun-friendly home of the Houston Texans, via Wikimedia Commons

National police union asks NFL to remove stadium gun ban over Paris attacks

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The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t a documentary, guys.
Christ, with a sidearm of sorts, via Wikimedia Commons

Why does it matter if Jesus would wear a sidearm?

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“Because Jesus said so” is always a lazy argument, regardless of the point it serves to defend.
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