Obama loses key support for cutting Social Security, Medicare in “Grand Bargain”

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The powerful pro-Obama think-tank Center for American Progress has just abandoned Obama’s benefit cuts.
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Barack Obama’s economic legacy: His four must-have items

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Privatized “Medicare expansion”. Benefits cuts for SS & Medicare. Keystone. TPP. Obama’s top four legacy wants.

Is “liberal” Sen. Amy Klobuchar pushing Obama’s Grand Bargain cuts?

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Does Sen. Amy Klobuchar support Chained CPI, gutting Social Security? Ask her at 202-224-3244.

Chained CPI is not just bait; Obama actually “prefers” it

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Barack “Grand Cuts” Obama is eager for chained CPI and benefit cuts. Will his hubris be his undoing?
Obama "Change We Need"

Obama economic adviser: Using the sequester to cut benefits was “part of the DNA from the start”

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Obama insider email reveals: Sequester was designed from the start as a way to cut benefits.

Politico confirms Obama’s fiscal cliff frame: “Let’s each kill one of our own”

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“Democrats would win on taxes. Republicans would win on entitlements.”

Why do Democrats always ask for small items when negotiating?

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What would a large Democratic “ask” look like in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations?
Obama "Change We Need"

Krugman, Klein: Dems will cave on Medicare, raise age 2 years, raise taxes only slightly

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If this is the deal, Krugman says there will be “hell to pay.”
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Goldman’s multi-billion dollar bailout queen CEO insists on Social Security, Medicare cuts

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After receiving billions from taxpayers, CEO Lloyd Blankfein says “we can’t afford” Soc. Sec., Medicare.

Obama meets today with Congress, liberal non-profits re fiscal cliff

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Obama meets Friday with congressional leaders to “fix deficit problems.” I.e., cut Soc. Security and Medicare.
fiscal cliff

What is the “fiscal cliff” everyone keeps talking about?

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The fiscal cliff is a big-monied effort to gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
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