Tangled turtle freed by diver — then it comes back to thank him (video)

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This is awfully cool. Colin Sutton & Cameron Dietrich were diving off of Mexico when they found a sea turtle tangled in a rope. So one of them dove in and attempted to free the ...

Let’s start the day with a cool vid of a baby in a swing

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This is an awfully cool video shot with a GoPro.

Cam accidentally dropped from plane, lands in pig pen, found by pig – recorded everything

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If true, this is hysterical.

HD video from inside a small plane crash

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More amazing footage from yet another small plane crash. No one died in this crash, so don’t worry.

Iceland’s awesome 360° New Year’s fireworks, from the air (video)

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A view of Iceland’s 360° fireworks from a camera flying on a remote-controlled helicopter.

Strap a camera on the back of an eagle and wow (video)

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Two neat videos filmed from the back of a rather well-trained eagle.

Niagara Falls stupendous HD video from remote-control helicopter

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Because not everything can be about Ken Cuccinelli’s sexual hypocrisy.

Today is “Bike To Work Day” – Here’s the world’s best commute (video)

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Are there any rides to work quite as beautiful as this one? Perhaps a few, but this one is great.

Camera films grizzly trying to eat it (video)

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An up-close look at an Alaskan grizzly bear trying to eat a camera, from the camera’s point of view.

The best cat-chasing-a-laser video you’ll ever see

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A very well-done video with a rather expensive camera, that admittedly does a great job.
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