This lady is proof why no one should ever vote Republican again (video)

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GOP candidate from Louisiana (where else?) says climate change is a hoax, and she’s a birther too.
Senator Jesus presides over President Obama's impeachment. (Jesus and goats via Shutterstock: Jesus (Renata Sedmakova / Shutterstock.com), and goats.

Alan Keyes thinks Jesus will help GOP impeach Obama

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Former GOP presidential candidate Keyes thinks Jesus will help end Obama’s “destructive socialist coup d’état.”
Tea Party compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler in an email fundraiser.

GOP intolerance: “It’s part of their political DNA”

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Republicans can’t avoid this rhetoric engrained in their party – it’s part of their political DNA.

Will RNC boss Priebus end his own personal “War on Christmas”?

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The RNC is selling t-shirts mocking the phrase “Happy Holidays” when its own chairman uses the phrase. Awk-ward.

A strange game

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The movie was War Games, circa 1983. And it had a message for the Tea Party and the GOP about “winning moves.”
Terrorist via Shutterstock (with Xmas hat thrown on)

New GOP debt ceiling offer: We’ll put off shooting the hostages til Christmas

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Republicans offer not to shoot the hostages now, if Obama let’s GOP shoot them at Christmas.
The GOP-caused federal gov't shutdown isn't just ruining people's vacations.

Government shutdown: It’s not just national parks. People are being denied cancer treatment.

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People receiving treatment for cancer at the National Cancer Institute are being sent away.
Scorpion via Shutterstock

“Cutting off food? Really? Is this what our country has come to?”

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Blistering commentary from Roger Simon about the Tea Party “scorpions” that have ruined Washington.

Rush Limbaugh ponders his similarities to Martin Luther King (video)

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Republican media respond to yesterday’s 50th anniversary of MLK’s March on Washington. It wasn’t pretty.

Anti-Obama protesters in Arizona call President Obama a “negro”

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GOPers protesting Obama’s visit to Arizona referred to the President as a “half-white Muslim” and a “47% negro.”
Lindsay Graham chick-fil-a

Lindsey Graham’s terrible idea to try Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as an enemy combattant

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You don’t have to be a liberal to get that trying Tsarnaev as an enemy combattant is a bad strategic move,
Pravda - meaning "Truth" - was the lead Soviet propaganda organ, circa 1961. Martynova Anna / Shutterstock.com

Soon the GOP will claim it always supported gay marriage

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The GOP shows signs of shifting its anti-equality stand. It is also showing signs of something much worse.
gop immigration memo

Wetbacks, seriously?

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GOP continues to stumble with minority outreach as they label Latinos “wetbacks” and gays “pedophiles.”
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