Religion and LGBT equality, via Wikimedia Commons

What “religious liberty” bills have in common with voter ID laws

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“Religious freedom” bills are “gay-neutral” the same way that voter ID laws are “race-neutral.”

Colbert on Georgia’s crazy new gun law and the NRA Convention

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Colbert discusses Georgia’s new gun law, that lets you bring guns into bars, libraries, churches & govt buildings.
Confused kitty via Shutterstock

Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia top list of gay-porn watching states

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Of the top 10 gay-porn-watching states, 5 are in the South.

Priests led violent mob of 20,000 against gay protesters in (former Soviet) Georgia

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Violence-prone Georgia thinks it’s going to join NATO and the EU. Good luck with that.

Horrific video of 1000s of (former Soviet) Georgians rioting against gays

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I’ve never seen video of this violent an attack against gay people, ever.
Integrated prom, photo by © Lajuana Woodham.

The integrated prom was a whopping success

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Nearly half the student body showed up in south Georgia for Wilcox High’s first integrated prom.

Georgia’s GOP governor won’t take position on whites-only proms

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Only in America’s south, and the Republican party, do people not have a position on segregation.
The four friends who are organizing their school's first-ever "integrated prom."

Georgia high school kids plan 1st-ever “integrated prom,” face opposition

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A biracial student was thrown out of last year’s “whites-only” prom by the police.
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