If Wildstein has been horrible since high school, why did Christie hire him?

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Christie: “Wildstein was publicly accused by his high school social studies teacher of deceptive behavior.”
Photo by Dave Weigel.

Welcome to the Chris Christie Super Subpoena Bowl!

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“The crowd is much thinner than expected today. Seems someone closed two-thirds of the stadium turnstiles.”

Christie changes story on bridge closures, may have lied during 2 hour press conference

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Christie tonight not only changed his story, but he’s now denying what he previously told the press.
Credit: Jon Maas

NJ port official: Chris Christie lied, knew about bridge lane closure

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Wildstein says “evidence exists” showing Christie knew about the closurers earlier than he publicly claimed.

What if Chris Christie’s Bridgegate wasn’t about revenge, but rather money?

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Everyone is talking about “revenge,” but what if Bridgegate was actually about money?
Chris Christie, via L.E.MORMILE / Shutterstock

Onion on Christie: “Do I look like a corrupt, vengeful, openly antagonistic bully to you?”

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“I could never, ever be capable of endlessly obsessing over every last criticism leveled against me.”

“Christie 2016: Bringing America together or I will f*ck you over”

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Stephen Colbert: “Christie never lost sight of who truly was hurt by this: Chris Christie.”

A doctor considers how EMT delays affected Chris Christie’s 91 y.o. cardiac arrest victim

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EMTs were slowed in responding to a 91 y.o. cardiac arrest patient due to Gov. Christie’s bridge shutdown.

Chris Christie, who’s a bully, is surprised his staff acts like bullies

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One 8 second video shows all you need to know about Chris Christie’s just-below-surface anger problem.

Chris Christie bridge scandal gets the Jon Stewart treatment (video)

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Christie’s oversized anger problem doesn’t come across as “straight talk,” it comes across as Tony Soprano.
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