No Republican president since Eisenhower has been legitimately elected, says Thom Hartmann

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Do Republicans commit treason to gain power? Read this, then decide. Is Hartmann right?
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Will the Supreme Court allow the Secret Service to silence dissent?

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The Secret Service insulated President Bush from liberal protesters, but not conservatives.

Report on CIA black sites & torture may provoke constitutional crisis

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Will Congress force the CIA to obey the law, at least when it comes to Congress? Feinstein forces the issue.
José Padilla in sensory deprivation gear at the Navy Brig (Is this torture? Want to take his place?)

Who is FBI director-nominee James Comey? A Rorschach Test for the left

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Is James Comey an eager Bush II torturer, or the noble hero of Ashcroft’s hospital room? Yes. Now who are you?

Jon Stewart un-thrilled with GW Bush presidential library

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“The Hardrock Cafe of catastrophic policy decions.”
George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice

Dying Iraq war vet pens scathing letter to Bush, Cheney

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“My day of reckoning is upon me. Yours will come. I hope you will be put on trial.”
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The psychology behind why Bush “stayed the course” in Iraq

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Bush refused to pull out of Iraq for the same reason people get greedy on TV game shows: the prospect of more.
obama golf oval office

Bush tax cuts have expired, no law has replaced them

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Now that the Bush tax cuts have expired, the negotiating ground has radically shifted. Or should have.

Romney’s plan to steal the election

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Team Romney is reportedly already planning to challenge an Obama electoral, but not popular, vote victory.

A tale of two hurricanes: Obama comforted victims, Bush ate cake

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Hurricane Sandy: Obama comforted victims in NJ. Hurricane Katrina: Bush ate cake in California. Any questions?
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